We have one mission that we focus on:  Weapon Education with a focus on Safety.  All of our instructors are NRA trained and each has a 'specific set of skills'.   Click below to meet our team.

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5025 Highway 280 Suite 101

Birmingham, Alabama 35242


Fish House Tactical Shooting Institute





About Fish House Tactical

Our Head Instructors

Allan Dean

- 4 years active duty Marine

- 2 at Marine Security Forces Det, Kings Bay, GA (we guarded admirals and nukes)

- 18 or so months w/ 2/7 as a Grunt

- 6 months under Spec Ops Command

- 18 months preforming armed security duties in & around B'ham that most refused to work

- Bail enforcement/some work as reserve police officer

- 2 years in Iraq: P.S.D., Convoy, Base Security, Close Protection & Counter Terrorists Ops

- Plank Owner: Marine Adviser Training Group. I was the one that wrote the foreign weapons package and taught it to our marine adviser teams.. among other things....

- 6 months in Kandahar, Afghanistan teaching ANA (Afghan National Army) to use our weapons (M240/249) until I was injured (teaching to the same terrorists that some time later started shooting their instructors...3 months while injured)

- Sept 2015: Israeli Tactical School at Lone Star Weapons & Tactics

- Covered beginner pistol/rifle, active shooter, 

room clearing, combined shooting & Krav   Maga room clearing 

- NRA instructor: 101000159126710

Jon Temple

 - In 1984, graduated from the Combat Arms  Specialist Course as a Combat Arms Instructor  (CATM)  RED HAT

 - Assigned at Robbins Air Force Base, Warner  Robbins, GA, he served the 2853rd  SPS/SPC  Squadron

 - 1985 Coached the Squadrons Peacekeeper  Challenge Team

 - 1987 Claymore & Grenade training at Ft  Benning, GA

 - 1987 Coached the Squadrons Peacekeeper  Challenge Team at McClellan Air Force Base, in    Sacramento, CA and Beale Air Force Base, 9th  Reconnaissance Wing

 - Other Teams, the 2853rd Civil Engineering  Squadrons competitive team and the 5th Combat  Communications Group's competitive team also  known as the 5th MOB

 - 1990 908 Tactical Airlift Group at Maxwell Air  Force Base in Montgomery, AL

 - 1991 Activated for, Desert Storm

 - 1991 Special Security Wells Fargo

 - 1992 M-60 Machine Gun Specialist School,  Nellis AFB Nevada

 - NRA instructor: 10100016528329