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Active Shooter Defense



The realities of workplace violence are more than sobering; their shocking. We can no longer afford to adopt an “It can’t happen to me,” or “That can’t happen here,” attitude. The truth is, workplace violence can happen anywhere, at any time, and when it does, it's devastating to employees, staff and their extended families. 

Statistics on workplace violence in the US:

  • 2nd leading cause of on-the-job fatalities, behind automobile accidents.

  • Leading cause of death in the workplace for women.

  • 2 million American workers report being a victim of workplace violence every year.

  • Businesses are the most common location of active shooter attacks.​

  • The FBI reports that 45.6% of active shooter incidents occur at a commercial areas with and without pedestrian traffic.

  • Costs the American workforce $36 Billion annually.

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