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Phase 4 Tactical 

Home Defense


Hopefully, you'll never face a home invasion. But we'll make no bones about wanting you to be prepared just in case. It's a known fact home invasions are escalating.


The reason? Criminals are aware that ever advancing technology, like video cameras, silent alarms, and other anti-crime devices, are now commonplace in commercial establishments. Most residences, by comparison, don't have that level of technology and therefore homes have become a more attractive choice. And the trend is not only getting worse––it's also just getting started. 

Predators know that when they breach a house, they won't have nearly the problems of overcoming alarm systems or video cameras. With reduced technology working against them, these animals have no fear of exposure once they are in your home. They don't worry about the police suddenly arriving, or an unexpected customer walking in surprising them. They seek out a residence because they don't want a fight; they want a victim. And once inside a home, they feel empowered to force residents to do their bidding, like open safes, take hidden valuables, and PIN numbers to ATM cards. They'll steal cell phones and rip out hardlines to both hardwired phones and the internet. Worse yet, to increase their escape time, they may leave victims bound, incapacitated, or even deceased. One known tactic predators use as a means of escape is to load up the victim's car with plunder and casually drive away without neighbors ever knowing what has happened. 

Owning a handgun, AR15, AK47, or shotgun as a home defense weapon is only the first step. The equally important step is to get professional, military-grade instruction. A home invasion is no time to be overconfident in self-learning. Self-education almost always leaves critical education gaps––gaps that could be very costly.


No, this is no time for self-taught gunslinging. This is the time to be professionally trained. 

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