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Our Training Classes

FISH HOUSE Tactical Shooting Institute exists for one reason––to provide you military-grade firearm training unavailable to the average citizen. Here's what makes us different: The military trains its soldiers for war; FISH HOUSE instructors were put in charge of training those soldiers. It's for this reason that those whose lives depend on it––like police officers, security personnel, veterans, active military and average citizens––consider FISH HOUSE Tactical Shooting Institute the top firearms training available in Alabama. 


We offer customized firearms training to gun owners, (and prospective gun owners), who want to be confident in all aspects of owning a weapon. Whether you're a beginner needing a handgun for personal protection, or a police officer in need of specialized training, FISH HOUSE TSI has a program designed to save your life. ​So whether you need basic pistol training in Birmingham, AL, or advanced tactical handgun training, concealed carry training, home defense training, or weapon platform training for AR15 or AK47, you simply cannot find better training anywhere than FISH HOUSE Tactical Shooting Insitute.

The need for proper handgun training has never been more urgent. If you are like most people, you probably don’t know anyone who has used a gun to protect themselves. So you may be surprised to learn that, according to Gary Kleck of Florida State University, every year guns are used three to five times more often for defensive purposes than in crimes. In any given year, that puts the number of defensive gun uses between 777,000 and 3 million per year. 


That doesn’t mean someone gets shot during these incidences; it just means the weapon is used for defensive purposes. Owning a gun, and being thoroughly trained in its use, has the potential to save lives. And, you may be surprised to learn this, but of all the places that owning a gun might save your life, you place of work might top the list. Workplace violence is the second leading cause of on-the-job fatalities, supplanted only by automobile accidents. More shocking than that is the fact that workplace violence is one of the leading causes of death for women. 


Regarding numbers, 2 million American workers report being a victim of workplace violence every year. If that were not enough reason to carry your weapon everywhere you go, businesses are the most common location of active shooter attacks. It’s not enough to own a handgun. It's not enough to carry a handgun everywhere you go. You need expert training. You need constant reinforcement of your skill. You need to train here so you are ready everywhere. 


The Basics of Pistol

There's a good reason the Basics of Pistol is our most popular class It's designed to introduce proper 

handgun training to both ...

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Whether you're a beginner or an advanced shooter desiring to improve, don't be surprised if you discover how much you 

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The primary focus of this training is learning how to move your body under stress environments, keeping a cool head, and focusing on ...

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Phase 3 Pistol.JPG


Precision room-clearing techniques are used when the tactical situation calls for a room-by-room clearing of your home, workplace or ...

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Phase 4 Tactical.JPG

Phase 4 Home Tactical Defense

Hopefully, you'll never face a home invasion. But we'll make no bones about wanting you to be prepared just in case. It's a known fact home ...

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Concealed Carry

Before deciding to carry a weapon on your person, you should decide on expert training. This course is designed for the person who ...

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Basics of Shotgun

Whether for hunting, recreational, home defense or even close quarter combat, there may be no better weapon on the planet than a shotgun.

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The Basics of the AR-15

If you've just purchased your first AR15, congratulations!  Getting your hands on an AR15 for the first time can also be intimidating. 

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The Basics of the AK-47

If you've made the committment to own an AK47, or are thinking about it, then make the investment to get expert training. While operating ...

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Active Shooter Defense

The realities of workplace violence are more than sobering; it's shocking. We can no longer aford to adopt an “It can’t happen to me ...

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