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Training Testimonials

We at FISH HOUSE Tactical Shooting Institute sincerely pray that you never have to use your weapon. But if you do, we want you more than prepared; we want you ready. Below are some testimonials from people we have helped.  In some instances, we intentionally do not use anyone's name per their request.  

"I've pulled [the gun] out twice and felt completely comfortable using it. Not had to fire it. One was a potential break in at home. One was downtown... Car break in close to our restaurant. Kept it on hand (in purse) til police came... Just in case." - Anonymous Female, 18 August 2014 

I had a blast training with the guys at Fish House T S I, LLC. It was very educational and fun. I was very impressed with the knowledge & information that was shared by the instructors. Over the years, I had developed a lot of bad habits. The instructors help me work out those bad habits and help me get my confidence back. It was very non confrontational and friendly atmosphere, where you are treated with respect! I will be going back to Fish House T S I for future training. Thank you Allen and Jonathan for everything you guys did for me.💯 - Jamie Doss, 6 June 2016

Thank you all for the class on Saturday. Extremely well done and I really enjoyed the class and all the help you gave me at the range. This is a class you should charge a lot more for- I received way more than $150 of knowledge.  And thank you all for your service to our country. Pat Cope, 1 February 2016

"So look, I'm a 55-year old man, who has never owned a handgun before the Basics of Pistol class. In fact, the instructors, (both veterans), had to loan me a pistol for the class! But from there, they walked the attendees through the course, step-by-step, patiently explaining everything we needed to know, stacking concept upon concept. It was both fun and fascinating! For a first-time newbie eager to learn, I think I did ok! And trust me...if I can do it, so can you! I wholeheartedly recommend the instructors at Fish House Gun. I couldn't be more pleased!" - Aaron Crocker, July 26 2016

Let me start by saying that I am a woman and understand that if you are going to have a gun, you should know how to use it safely. I was given the opportunity to attend the basics of pistol class. The first half of the day I was instructed on the aspects of the pistol. Jonathan and Allen kept my attention and the time flew. Instruction was on all types of pistols. How to aim, shoot and safety. Then the second half of the day was at the range qualifying. I qualified! It had been a long time since I had fired a gun. Fear turned to confidence. Allen was very patient at the range. I was nervous and he put me at ease. I think all women who have a gun should attend this training. - Melody, July 2016

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